There isn’t a Perfect… Is there?!?!?!

“Every day there are challenges that are thrown at us…  Who should we be, where should we go???  What will people think of me, the things that I do, the decisions that I make???  Do we truly have to strive for perfection, but perfection in the eyes of others or the eyes of ourselves, our mind’s eye???

Everyday that goes on is a day that we live not for the satisfaction of others but for the satisfaction that we can achieve that which others think we can’t, or what we have told ourselves won’t work…

Define Perfection…  In the dictionary its a noun which means:

  • perfect nature: the quality of something that is as good or suitable as it can possibly be
  • process of perfecting: the process of becoming or making something perfect
  • example or instance of being perfect: somebody or something that reaches the highest attainable standard, or an instance of this

Funny!  I don’t think that this is a suitable definition but synonyms state excellence, flawlessness…  We are excellent in our own ways, we are flawless not in the eyes of other but what we see in ourselves…

Why uphold the image that others view you in if it is truly not the person that you are…  Excellence, or perfection is being proud of who you are, where you have gone, how far you will go and the drive that pushes you each day to make the next day better for yourself than it was the day before…

There will be obstacles that will bring you down, but why let them?  We each have our own strengths and should surround ourselves with others that bring that strength out, encourage it, embrace it…  Love you for who you truly are…  Hint that isn’t what is on the outside, it the entirety of YOU!

I have flaws, imperfections, have things that are not what the general public would deem as beautiful…  But there is no other person that is ME…  that was left to my mind, my body, my heart…

There is nothing better in the world than taking each day for what it is at face value and making the best out of it all and recognizing that there isn’t a perfect…  there is a quality of perfection, but nothing is perfect without a few bumps and bruises…

Here’s to another day!


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